Anthony Borrelli 
  District 64
School Board Member

About Tony Borrelli

My wife Jean and I are 25 year Park Ridge residents and we are the proud parents of two girls, Julia and Jenna, who are both reaping the benefits of their years within School District 64. 

During my first election in 2011, Julia was in 6th grade at Emerson Middle School while Jenna was in the 4th grade at Field Elementary School.  

Currently Julia is a Sophomore in high school while Jenna is in the 8th grade at Emerson Middle School.

During their time in District 64, both girls took great advantage of the many programs and services that District 64 provides.

As both of my daughters have and are about to graduate and move on from District 64, I wish to continue to serve on the Board of Education with a desire to:

* Continue to serve the taxpayers of the District 

* Maintain control on expenses and maintain property values 

* Invest my time on behalf of all taxpayers rather than on my own family

One of many reasons Jean and I chose to live in Park Ridge originally was, in part, the school system.  Long known as a higher level system, we wanted, as all parents do, a good sound academic foundation for our children.  

School District 64 is blessed with a large number of opportunities to which our children are exposed and acclimate to, providing in the long run, richer lives.

This, in part, is one of the reasons that I chose to run for the District 64 School Board for the first time, four years ago, and continue to do so today.

Maintaining a high level of academics at a reasonable cost and fairness to all tax payers is the pledge that I give to all voters. 

Working as an elected official on behalf of all Park Ridge and Niles taxpayers, voters can be sure that I will work diligently to ensure that solid decisions and plans are formulated and carried out.

Volunteer Experience:

Park Ridge Indian Scouts:

I have enjoyed the opportunity to volunteer on behalf of the residents of Niles and Park Ridge for some years now. 

For the past several years I have found the Park Ridge Indian Scouts to be a wonderful organization to help raise our daughters.  The sense of sharing and working together in a community environment are excellent characteristics to impart to our children.  

I have had the opportunity to give back to the Indian Scouts organization by serving as Chief of the Chippewa Tribe, 
Treasurer for the Mohawk Nation and Secretary of the entire Federation.

In December 2010, I served as Co-Director of the annual "Christmas Tree Sale" and am proud to state that through the efforts of our members and the generosity of our customers, we raised over $55,000 dollars.  

Our net proceeds from our tree sales are entirely devoted to needy causes in the Park Ridge, Niles and Maine Township area, such as: 

* Maine Food Pantry
* Women Shelters
* Lutheran General Outreach Programs 
* Park Ridge Park District Foundation.

B) Park Ridge Public Library:

For the period 2008-2011, I had served by Mayoral appointment on the Board of Trustees of the Park Ridge Public Library.  During tears two and three, I was delighted to serve as Secretary to the Board. 

Having served in this capacity for the Public Library, I have had the opportunity to leverage my experience in a similar fashion for the last four years on the District 64 Board of Education.   

In both my Library and Board of Education experience and particularly after serving as School Board President for the last two years,  I have continued to develop my skills in:

* Working in committees

* Realizing the importance of all opinions offered by both Library patrons and District 64 stakeholders when creating solutions for school board issues

* Working with other Board Members with similar or dissimilar opinions

* Utilizing support staff appropriately

* Working closely with the Library Director, Janet Van De Carr, and School Superintendents, Dr. Philip Bender and  Dr. Laurie Heinz and the entire senior administration team and valuing all of their opinions and guidance.

* Developing background knowledge on organizational and school finance, school operations, curriculum and administration, to allow me to become well versed enough to offer the best solutions for issues of the district that affect all taxpayers.

While at the Park Ridge Library we made decisions to maintain a high level of function and services to the Park Ridge community in light of decreased revenues and cutbacks.  This had not been an easy task but unfortunately it was a necessary task.  

Similarly, while on the School Board, we have made decisions to concentrate on academic student growth and to spend considerable funds to enhance aging infrastructure.

While investing these funds we tasked the administration to find a way to save taxpayer dollars to extend the referendum timeline from the original 2017 until the school year ending June 30, 2021.

After four years on the School Board, I have found that it is easy to row the boat in high tide, but a lot of effort is expended when the tide (i.e. funding) is low, as the economic situation is now.

Going forward, my continued commitment and diligence will be necessary to stretch our taxpayers dollars.

Library Mural Restoration Committee:

I also served as the Co-Chair on the Mural Restoration Committee.  This was a group of community individuals, working with the Park Ridge Historical Society, to raise funds to restore a Depression Era Mural, entitled, "Indians Cede the Land", that was first installed  in the original Park Ridge Post Office in 1940.  

This land transfer enabled a route to the Gulf of Mexico and enabled the City of Chicago to develop as a center of trade in the Midwest.

Through actively seeking donations over four years, as funding team leader, we were able to fund the restoration of the mural and to display it in the Park Ridge Public Library for decades into the future, serving as both an education tool and a source of civic pride. 

As an education tool, it will continue to provide a sense of living history as it describes the transfer of lands from the local Indians to the newly arrived settler.  

Park Ridge Library Mural - "Indians Cede the Land"
Professional Life:

In my professional life, I am a Podiatrist, specializing in surgery of the foot and ankle.  For the past 34 years, I have strived to bring to my patients the best I can offer to alleviate pain and discomfort quickly and with attention to affordable cost.

I continue to bring these same ideals with me as I seek re-election.  I will continue to focus on an evaluation of District 64 expenses and insist that all of these expenses are reasonable and valuable for Park Ridge and Niles taxpayers.  

I look forward to leveraging the School Board skills I have learned during the last four years and continue to bring value to the District 64 School Board. 

Professional Education:

* B.S. Biology, St Francis University, 1978

* D.P.M., Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine, 1982

* Surgical Resident, Chicago Center Hospital/ Mt. Sinai Medical Center 1982-1986

* Senior Resident, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, 1985-86

* Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery,  Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, 1986-88

* Double Board Certification in both Podiatric Orthopedics and Podiatric Surgery

* Adjunct Clinical Professor, Wm. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science 2000 to Present

* National and International Lecturer on Podiatric Medicine & Surgery

* Author of over 15 articles published in several scientific journals


Key Campaign Issues

* Keep annual spending below annual revenues

* Don't count on a successful referendum in the future

* Continue to maintain our facilities and learnig environments in a safe and comfortable condition to maximize education opportunities.

* Introduce innovative cost control items into next teacher union negotiation

- Top 50 ranking in Cook County for one or more of our schools

- Continued focus on cost reductions, in areas such as salaries, benefits, operations and use of consultants

- Financial transparency for annual financial statements in a form parents and taxpayers can understand